The Journey To Infinite Mercy

Journey through Lent 2019 with Good Counsel.

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Join Us as We Strive to Give Our Hearts to Jesus During this Lenten Season

Starting on Ash Wednesday, March 6th, Good Counsel will offer its latest, free Lenten series called, “The Journey to Infinite Mercy.” Each day we’ll email you a message that contains the readings of the day, an inspiring reflection, and a short prayer.  These will help you to prepare for Our Lord’s Easter Resurrection.

Along with these reflections, we’ll also invite you each day to send us your prayer requests. They can be made anonymously, if you wish, so we can pray for you.

Sign up now and don’t miss a day of His abundant graces this Lent. Allow His merciful invitation to change your heart!​

These Lenten reflections are written by the staff of Good Counsel Homes—a Catholic, pro-life ministry that provides homes and programs for mothers in crisis pregnancy.  If you would like to learn more about our mission and join our cause, please click here.